Participation in meetings organized by international commodity organisations is an important part of the Permanent Representation’s activities as it benefits from a unique platform, thanks to its geographic location.

These meetings usually take place twice a year, in spring and autumn, with the convening of sessions of the highest authority (Council) within each intergovernmental body. Alongside or in between these events, meetings of subsidiary bodies and specialized committees are also held to enable each organisation to implement its annual work program.

Issues related to the production, handling, transport, sale and consumption/use of commodities are examined, in a spirit of consensus, by duly accredited representatives of member States or parties, with the assistance of a standing office, often described as a Secretariat. Furthermore, delegates to these meetings are elected to serve, on a voluntary basis and for a period of one or two years, as members and officers for the various bodies within each organisation.

Each international organisation is governed by a treaty or agreement which is amended or renegotiated as need be, over a certain period of time. Overall, these legal texts have been subject to many changes

International Commodity organisations are governed by treaties or agreements which have been amended or renegotiated at various occasions to take into account the changing socio-economic factors and market conditions. It is worth mentioning that these legal texts have become less prescriptive following the liberalisation of agricultural sectors in most countries.

Additionally, meetings which were hitherto restricted to governments can now admit members of the private sector and civil society, as need be.

The Permanent Representation also attends meetings of private sector associations and international fora or events related to commodities.

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